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Take a lesson Roger

Andy Pettitte’s public apology yesterday was welcome change. It was a change from the usual antics of our so-called sports heroes. It was a change from the spoiled brats living in their own ivory towers. It was a change from the “I’m above the rules” attitude. It was a change from the baseball factory pumping […]

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Milestones hit

Congrats to Alex Rodriguez on his 500th homer. oh yeah…. Did I ever tell you how much I detest Barry Bonds? 🙂 (why does it not surprise me that Mark Cuban celebrates him?)

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Shame Vino

Yet another black eye on the face of sports. Just days after Alexander Vinokourov won my respect with a gutsy comeback, it was announced that he tested positive for “blood doping.” That is the practice of injecting someone else’s (or your own previously saved) blood packed with oxygen-carrying cells prior to an arduous event in […]

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Ah… what a difference one little pitch makes

It was 45 years ago to the day that Houston was awarded a Major League Baseball franchise in an owner’s meeting held in Chicago. The Astros were then known as the Colt 45’s. Yes, 45 years later – it appeared that they were set to head to their first ever World Series. Call it coincidence, […]

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Could it really happen?

Could I finally get my dream matchup in the World Series? I thought I had a shot at it last season, but fate conspired against both of my teams. Yes, the matchup I yearn for is the New York Yankees vs. the Houston Astros. Not only could I see my favorite team (NYY,) but I […]

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